Campagnolo Compleet Huis Ergopower Links Potenza Zwart
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Campagnolo Complete House Ergopower Left Potenza Black

Speed ​​and performance mean nothing if you have no control. The Potenza ergopower combaskets retain the fantastic ergonomics of the entire Campagnolo Revolution 11+ line and offer grip and control that is identical to the versions that professional drivers respect and debasket. The ergonomics of the Potenza 11 combaskets have been carefully studied to guarantee not only comfort and a sturdy grip, but also easy and efficient access to essential actions for braking, switching off and switching back from any position.

A Return lever in EPS style on both the right and left Ergopower control brings the ergonomics a step further because it adds a premium function that is generally associated with Campagnolo electronic power lines. The Potenza 11 ergopower combaskets offer an amazing amount of technology and refinement for the group of his segment. With your hands around Potenza 11 you can trust that you have the perfect control, regardless of what you encounter on the road.

Model Potenza
Verlellerindex Double

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