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Fixed Gear achter tandwielen

Wij hebben een groot assortiment tandwielen van topmerken zoals.

Track / fixedgear Sprockets are single-speed fixed gear/fixed wheel sprockets that keep your fixedgear in continue forward momentum.
The cog / fixed gear sprocket you need depends on how you intend to use your fixedgear bicycle and the ratio on your fixie.

Fixed gear cogs are installed onto the rear fixedgear hub. The fixed cog on the bike is responsible for transferring the power from the pedalen to the fixedgear wheel. So to use your fixedgear bike you need a fixed gear sprocket.

Small fixed gear sprockets are ideal for going fast on fixedgear and large fixedgear sprockets are ideal for climbing ramps during keirin. So choose the right fixed gear sprocket for your track bike/

Fixed gear cycling requires a fixed sprocket so that you can not stop pedalling. Because if you pedal the bike moves, slowing afixedgear bik down means you need to pedal slower. This fixed gear sprocket power transmission is super direct and people do not only love it for track cycling but also for fixed gera.

Fixed gear is not vor novice cyclists but fixed gear sprockets on a bike should be used for experienced riders.
Most fixed gear sprockets are threaded on the rear hube. Be carefull that you select the right fixed gear sprocket thread for your hub. We also sell fixed gear sprockets with HG body fitting or fixed gear sprockets that can be mounted on IS disc points.

Fixed Gear sprockets are there from many fixedgear brands like BLB. Also brands like Shimano, Miche, Surly are producing these fixed gear sprockets.