Singlespeed fietskettingen zijn kettingen gemaakt om met een enkel voorblad en een enkel achterblad te gebruiken. In de regel is de maat 1/8" of 3/32". Zorg ervoor dat de breedte van de ketting matched met uw tandbladen.
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Singlespeed Fietskettingen

Singlespeed fietskettingen.

Single speed chains are made for a drive without an external derailleur system. These can be bicycles with a gear hub, but also a single-speed bicycle, a track bicycle or fixed gear bicycle. A singlespeed chain can therefore be a relatively simple chain with stronger links because the singlespeed bicycle chain does not have to change chain.

Singlespeed bicycle chain on hub gears are the essence of cycling comfort and reliability. Singlespeed bicycle chains on a track bike / fixed gear bicycle are at the heart of pure cycling.
Since a single-speed bicycle chain is subjected to less mechanical forces, in contrast to derailleur gears, the general wear of the single-speed bicycle chain is also significantly reduced. However, this fundamental advantage of this singlespeed bicycle chain does not mean that there are no technical developments for singlespeed bicycle chains. For example, KMC single-speed bicycle chains are often provided with the EPT surface treatment. Which is a real milestone in the field of rust protection for singlespeed chains.
At the singlespeed bicycle chains you can find all-round bicycle chains, but also special bicycle chains for BMX or fixedgear bicycles.

Despite the robustness of singlespeed bicycle chains, they are of course also exposed to weather conditions. High-quality materials and coatings on single-speed chains ensure a long life with regular bicycle chain maintenance. The singlespeed bicycle chain should therefore be checked regularly and the elongation measured with a chain gauge.