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Cassette Spacercassette spacer
Ombouwkitombouwset singlespeed
Handy stuff to build a singlespeed. From an old mountain bike to a singlespeed bike? Sometimes it is already possible to replace the cassette with a spacer set with a sprocket and a chain tensioner. We are your specialist in singlespeed bicycles. Singlespeed chain tensioners, singlespeed spacer kits for Shimano, Campagnolo and SRAM. Singlespeed conversion is a great way to easily make your existing bicycle last longer or to consciously bring it to singlespeed. Do you also want to convert your bicycle to a singlespeed bicycle? Read more on our blog and select everything you need to complete the singlespeed conversion on this page. Make sure you also order the correct tools for the singlespeed conversion.