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Ortlieb handlebar Ultimate6 S Free 5 Ltr
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Ortlieb handlebar Ultimate6 S Free 5 Ltr

Innovative remains only, whose treads alternative paths. Therefore, there is now another Ortlieb PVC-free product PU-coated polyester fabric. These environmentally friendly products are the 'Free' series Ortlieb.

In addition to the base fabric by Ortlieb with PU (polyurethane) coated. The result is a robust and waterproof tarpaulin material in terms of quality and durability of traditional polyester Ortlieb tarpaulin material does not have to do under - the Ortlieb Free-Line.

This compact Ortlieb Ultimate Six Small handlebar ensures that protect your valuables and provisions in the interior and dry.

The magnetic lid of this Ortlieb handlebar is comfortably with only one hand to operate and can even be locked. And thanks to the removable shoulder strap you can simply take the Ortlieb Ultimate Six Free when your bike as putting away.

The Ortlieb Ultimate Six Free is the ideal complement to the Ortlieb Back and Ortlieb Sport Rollers of Free-line or can be used independently.

The smallest Ortlieb Ultimate Six Free seduces through a transparent lid pocket (usable internal dimensions 21 x 12 cm), where smartphone, GPS or map user-friendly and absolutely rainproof be preserved.
Of course, you can control your Touchscreen devices through the foil.

- suitable for bicycle handlebars with a diameter up to 31.8 mm and tapered steer (not suitable for carbon steering)
- inside pocket for valuables with zipper and key carabiner
- reflector of a reflective 3M Scotchlite material on the front
- by up to 5 kg loading

Choose your mounting adapter
This is a handlebar, but that comes standard for mounting without adapter. So you will still need an adapter to search, you can through the 'products' of the products that you see when you purchase this handlebar bag in the cart itself does the right adapter.

There are four options - E185 - & gt; Including standard lock so you can put the handlebar lock
- E225 - & gt; Standard but without lock
- E207 - & gt; Especially for e-bikes with a display in the middle of the steering wheel and also includes a lock
- E226 - & gt; Especially for e-bikes with a display in the middle of the steering wheel and without lock.

So if you have a bike without e-bike display in the middle and you attach no value to being able to lock the handlebar? Then article E225 are the most obvious. However, e-bike and be able to lock? Then E207

No e-bike and not feel the need to lock? Choose E225. Do not e-bike and no need to lock the handlebar choose E185.

- HXBXD = 13.5 x 24 x 13 cm
- 5 Liter volume
- 524 gram

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Ortlieb Ultimate6 S Free Ltr handlebar 5

More Information
Materiaalsoortnylonweefsel met PU coating
MateriaalPD62, PS60
StofdichtheidVolledig beschermd (IP5x)
WaterdichtheidWaterdicht (IPx4)
Breedte in cm24
Hoogte in cm13
Diepte in cm13
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Kan in de 5 lite stuurtas ook de fototas inzet die normaal gebruikt wordt voor de Ultimate Medium (7 ltr)?
Nee, de hoogte van de stuurtas van de 5 liter is niet genoeg voor passing.
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